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Various Laurel Burch designs on apparel and accessories

Partner with the design phenomenon that is Laurel Burch
Our passion and purpose is celebrating the vibrant, vivid artworks and inspirational messages of internationally renowned artist Laurel Burch. Our gallery archive is home to endless images, paintings, and vintage jewelry designs featuring Laurel's iconic art themes. including Fantastic Felines, Dog Tales, Blossoms, Ocean Songs, Kindred Spirits, and so much more.

How We Collaborate With You

You will have access to our vast Laurel Burch art archive and we will collaborate with you to select from any number of exuberant themes. You may choose from single images, specific design elements, and Laurel's signature color palette to produce high-quality products bearing her copyrighted art and trademarks.

Laurel Burch Studios Art Licensing

1345 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

If your company is interested in developing licensed Laurel Burch products, please contact us directly to learn more about how we carefully select brand partners to work with collaboratively on everything from design strategy to production and promotion.

Licensing Inquiries: Janet Dwoskin
Email: janetdwoskin@licensedright.com
Phone: 1-415-446-8247

Laurel Burch Studios controls all artwork licensing within the North American territory:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, and The U.S. Virgin Islands.
All other countries: Totemic Brands, LLC | contact@totemicbrands.com