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Meet the design phenomenon that is Laurel Burch.
Laurel Burch Studios owns the North American rights to thousands of original paintings, drawings, and sketches created by the internationally renowned artist Laurel Burch. We’ll work with you to create designs for your products that transform customers into repeat buyers.

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Laurel Burch Art Archive  

The vibrant, vivid art and designs of Laurel Burch is an evolving lifestyle brand perfect for today’s customers. You will have access to our vast Laurel Burch art archive and we will collaborate with you to select from Laurel's signature color palette, single images, specific design elements, and multiple Laurel Burch art themes rooted in her respect and reverence for all living things, including Ocean Songs, Mythical Horses, Sister Sun - Brother Moon, The Spirit of Womankind, Dog Tales, and her phenomenal Fantastic Felines to produce high-quality products bearing her copyrighted art and trademarks.


Current Licensing Partners

Laurel Burch Studios current licensing partners offer a wide range of apparel, accessories, gifts, home décor, stationery, and more for generations of collectors around the world. Laurel’s stream of ideas, her fantastic mythological creatures, the wonders she created for so many decades never cease to make new fans. We invite you to join us and our family of amazing licensees who share a dedication to superior craftsmanship inspired by Laurel’s vision and carrying the integrity and quality expected of the Laurel Burch brand.


Artist Laurel Burch  

Laurel Burch first began crafting her iconic one-of-a-kind necklaces in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in the late 1960s. By the 1980s, this self-taught painter and single mom had become an internationally famous artist, designer, and entrepreneur renowned for imaginative, and thoroughly charming paintings, jewelry, and writings. Read Laurel's biography in her own words, published in printed profiles during her lifetime and transcribed from recorded interviews with Laurel by her daughter, Aarin, for the documentary “The Art of Laurel Burch.”


Laurel Burch Studios Today

Laurel’s daughter, Aarin Burch, founded Laurel Burch Studios in 2012 to continue to make her mother’s extraordinary art available to all and grow the brand in exciting new directions. Our small but mighty team works together in Berkeley, California, reaching out to Laurel Burch collectors and fans, retailers, and licensees across the country and beyond. Laurel created art we love—and there are countless approaches to bringing her work to life, allowing people everywhere to take home uniquely original products infused with Laurel's bright color and extraordinary art.


Laurel Burch Studios Art Licensing
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Laurel Burch Studios controls all artwork licensing within the North American territory:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
All other countries: Totemic Brands, LLC | contact@totemicbrands.com