Celebrating the Life of Laurel Burch Print


Laurel lived her life with art and soul. That passion was manifested in a kaleidoscope of felines and flowers, fish and fowl, mythical horses and all manner of humankind to celebrate our connection to each other and the natural world of which we are all one. When she left us on September 13, 2007 at age 61, her death was the culmination of a life lived with osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease that caused just about everything to break at will, except her heart. “Most people who are born with this disease don’t survive,” Laurel once said. “I have. Given a bright spirit with a purpose, I have survived unlikely possibilities, which influenced and impacted my art and my life in many ways. My mission is to uplift others with joy, beauty, and my passion for life.”

17.5" x 13" Horizontal Print