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Laurel Burch's timeless work continues with a new and exclusive jewelry line debuting at Magic! The fashion industry's biggest trade show will be held on August 17th-19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Come and check out our latest designs at booth 74351!

Prolific artist and global traveler Laurel Burch found her greatest joy in offering her most precious and intimate works as inspiration to kindred spirits everywhere. Her portfolio of paintings and designs spans nearly 50 years and has brought wonder to a world of fans and admirers. From features in Vogue and Forbes to being sold at Macy's and Bloomingdale's, Laurel's drive and ambition led to a life full of creative success!

The five new Laurel Burch Jewelry collections are a reflection of her distinct, expressive style. Her lifetime's worth of timeless artwork- from the 1960's on Haight Street to the profound classics of her later years- will be reflected in each and every piece, crafted with the same artisanship of her original lines. The collection will boast a gorgeous, full- torso necklace featuring eccentric circles and whimsical contours as well as earrings that feature unique shapes and ornate detailing. There will be many vibrant and eye- catching designs to choose from, ranging from classic Sterling Silver to traditional gold and silver plating. The pieces will retail from $30 to $120 and will be in stores near you October 2015!

For 20- year old Laurel Burch, the urbanity of San Francisco offered a world of new and exciting possibilities. Her humble start began with crafting and selling necklaces and earrings made from beads, bones and old coins. One of the first American designers to begin jewelry production in China, Laurel was an innovator in art as well as business. Today, Laurel's legacy carries on with the release of these amazing new collections that capture the romance and delight of the past, the present and the renowned classics that she created by hand out of her home.

Our wish is for you to find joy in these collections, reflect your spirit, and become a part of the Laurel Burch lifestyle!


Five exclusive collections:



So many of Laurel's creatures emerged by surprise- line by line, color by color, whisker by whisker. The profusion of personalities and explosions of color and pattern are reflected in this special collection.



From the first designs hammered out on the back of a frying pan to the unique and bold creations offered today, there is magic and meaning in every piece of this collection. This collection inspires you to be yourself, gather wildflowers, and speak to the world with the voice of your heart.



Our Sterling Collection is a reflection of Laurel's timeless icons and animals seen in her art. Share your journey, let your imagination and inspiration go with you wherever you go.

Colors of Laurel

Colors of Laurel

Inspired by her signature palette, this collection invites you to celebrate, to be every color all at once- a rainbow spirit



In this hand- crafted collection, patterns and symbols can be seen from all different countries and cultures. Within these images is an expression of shared values and a love for life.

Behind the scenes...

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