Fantastic Felines

Fantastic Felines is arguably Laurel's most renown collection of paintings. A natural inclination fans may have about Laurel is that she owned and cared for many cats, but in fact, Laurel never owned a cat--at least not until the later part of her career.

Nevertheless, her love for cats and their whimsical personalities inspired an entire collection of endless variations which fans still seek today. Cats have a magical ability to bring people together, and we're so lucky to be able to share Laurel's words to continue bringing people together.

By Laurel Burch:

These are my favorite messengers of good will!

Wit, whimsy and wisdom sparkle behind teal eyes, purple tails, and brilliant rainbow bodies.

The first subject I chose to create a whole theme around, it was as much the people that "belong" to cats that inspired me, as my love of cats, themselves!  

The most extensive and highly collected theme among all of my art subjects, the Fantastic Feline Collection has grown over the years by leaps and bounds, as new characters are introduced and sub-collections of the theme are born.   

Christmas Cats, the earth toned "Native Cats", "Wildcats", "Mysticats", and "The Fantasticats" . . . just a few of the families that have grown from the phenomenal feline mystique that continues to inspire me, to this day.   

Painted purely to bring spirit and delight into everyday lives, the Fantastic Felines have fulfilled their destiny across the globe.    

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