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Songs of The Earth

By Laurel Burch: The inspiration for this theme came to me out of a reverence and belief in the sacredness of beings, and creatures, and all living things. The core series of paintings depicts a sense of harmony admist the myriad of life's blessings, and the abundance of teh world we live in. This art is extremely finely detailed, and it is my hope that in seeing a glimpse of these magical flowers, trees, human beings, and animals, one has a sense of the world being a sanctuary and sacred place. As if my paintbrush could bless everything that came forth onto the paper, even teh canopy of suns, moons and stars above us, I wanted to say, "we are...

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Woman Spirit

By Laurel Burch: It is in honor of sisters, mothers, daughters, elders, and friends that these paintings and designs emerged from my heart to paper. They are my “love songs” to all the women of the world, and have become some of the most beloved and treasured images of my career. Both for me, personally, and for my women collectors. My inspiration came from the desire to create gifts and treasures that could be passed and shared from one woman to another, to honor and celebrate very personal sentiments, values, and ideas. A wide diversity of ways to express the soul and spirit of Womankind is expressed here, and within this collection I have often been compelled to accompany the...

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Flutter-byes and Dragonflies

As we journey and fly through life's passages, we begin as one thing and change into many.  I never imagined dragonflies to come in Laurel's vivid colors...until one afternoon a dragonfly perched itself in my patio garden for the taste of flowers.  By Laurel Burch: Ancient symbols for transformation and renewal, butterflies and dragonflies are seen in the art of many cultures. My own personal metamorphosis has given me an even greater awe of these truly extraordinary little beings, and inspired me to create simply hundreds of versions of them. They are, to me, amazing reminders of life’s ability to renew itself, and the ability we have to transform. Though they are frequently amongst my paintings of flowers and animals, this...

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Mythical Horses

  Those marvelous Mythical & Magical horses that Laurel so loved, she brought to canvas from her excursions to Elk Canyon (in the Black Hills of the Grand Canyon in Arizona) where she sat upon a mountain top watching entranced by the scene below, of running wild mustangs through the canyon floor. This vision so inspired her and in turn, by Laurel's hand, she had brought the exquisite magic of these grand animals with love to all of us!  By Laurel Burch: These majestic animals have always and most supremely, represented strength and grace, to me. Nothing resonates so profoundly in my soul like the pulsating sounds of hooves, pounding a rhythm on the earth. Dust flying, manes and tails soaring...

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Sister Sun, Brother Moon

In welcoming the upcoming Solar Eclipse, we are sharing another beloved theme description written by Laurel Burch. May this story find its way to your heart and give you inspiration today. By Laurel Burch  The myths and magic of the celestial worlds are captured here in imagery of suns, moons, and showers of shimmering stars. Painted in my signature color palette, the warm sensuous colors of a tropical sunset to heavenly silvers and blues, the mystical beings depicted have human eyes and growing spirits, created to shine upon all beings on the earth below them. For thirty years, I have been compelled to draw and paint suns and moons, inspired by the thought that they are shared by every human being...

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