The phenomenon of Laurel Burch has become a lifestyle name for multiple generations of fans and collectors worldwide. As a licensing company, Laurel Burch Studios partners with several amazing companies to offer a variety of home and gift products, created with meaning and love. 


The Laurel Burch design archive is home to endless images, paintings and vintage jewelry designs. The vast array of Laurel's work is a great attraction to her many collectors and fans worldwide. Laurel Burch Studios controls all artwork licensing within the North American territory. We offer a wide range of Laurel's iconic themes such as Mythical Horses, Fantastic Felines, and Florals. We carefully select brand partners to produce high-quality products bearing Laurel's copyrighted art and trademarks.

If you are a company interested in developing licensed Laurel Burch products, please contact us directly to learn more about our licensing program:

North America:

International: Totemic Universal, LLC |

Would you like to see Laurel Burch artwork? Click here to go to the online Art Gallery.