LOVE THE ONE YOU GET! We’re offering a number of patterns in two styles for you to choose: our original collection of 100% cotton, reversible two-layer masks for adults and kids with different designs on each side to be worn either way – or our newest adult-sized mask collection with beautifully printed polyester on the outside and sold black 100% cotton inside. All styles include reinforced nose wire.   

ASK US ABOUT ORDERING WHOLESALE. We are excited to now offer our newest face mask collection of poly/cotton adjustable face masks (mentioned above) at wholesale prices to retailers who complete an application with us. 

ALL MASK SALES ARE FINAL. For health reasons, fabric face masks cannot be returnable. All sales are final. If your mask is not to your liking, please wash and dry it, seal it in a plastic bag, and give it to a family member or friend. Thank you!

WHY WEAR A FACE MASK? The bottom line is that when you practice social distancing, wash your hands, and wear a mask whenever you will come in contact with others outdoors or indoors, you’re not only protecting others, you’re also lowering the risk that you’ll get sick. More reasons for wearing a Laurel Burch face mask in public include:

  • You’re diverting demand for precious medical-grade masks, which should be reserved exclusively for medical personnel and first responders.
  • You’re giving yourself a reminder to keep your hands off your face.
  • You’re signaling that you take this crisis seriously, and others should, too.
  • You’re helping the containment effort by keeping germs off public surfaces.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Public health officials and medical professionals have repeatedly emphasized that fabric face masks are NOT “personal protective equipment” (PPE) and there is little scientific research showing more than 50% efficacy of fabric masks for personal disease protection. WEARING A FACE MASK OF ANY KIND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR OTHER PRECAUTIONS such as physical distancing, washing your hands, and keeping your hands off your face.

MASK CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash with mild laundry detergent (do not use fabric softener) before wear. This will make your mask fresh and soft and you should wash by hand or machine after every use to keep your mask clean and germ free.

HELP FOR EYEGLASS FOGGING: This is a common face mask issue, but if you try putting your glasses on top of the mask, about 1/2 inch forward from the top, this may be enough to redirect your exhale flow to prevent fogging.