“My biggest accomplishment was founding Laurel Burch Inc. in 1979 with three investors and with full control as president and chief designer. In Beijing, I worked on a new style of enamel and in Hong Kong I developed 24 new cloisonné designs. In Taiwan, I sourced a die stamping facility to produce my first sterling silver jewelry and also traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, Morocco and Paris in the same year."

“I am perhaps best known for my jewelry collections. Many collectors own more than 100 pairs of earrings and have told me wonderful stories about how and when they acquired their favorite pieces. Over the years I have created hundreds of designs, but my felines are by far the most popular. Some of my most classic cats make appearances in many colors, various metals and materials, including silver, gold, carved and painted wood and – my favorites – hand-painted, brilliantly hued cloisonné enamel.” 


“By the mid-1990s, however, I found I was devoting 80 percent of my time and energy to business matters and so in order to return to art, I licensed designs to a dozen companies that could make and distribute them around the world. During this time, frequent journeys to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan also increased my love for beautiful scarves. The vibrant colors and softness inspired me to design my own collection.”

“One of my greatest joys is making my original paintings and art pieces. Many of them are held in private collections or shown in public exhibitions. I am also inspired when I find ways of making my art and designs available and other mediums, so that they can be enjoyed by many people." 

picture of hers

"I have always loved the spectrum of possibilities and place as great a value on the simple and accessible pieces, such as earrings, as the more elaborate original pieces. What is important is the pleasure each piece of art can bring into someone’s everyday life, whatever form it takes.”

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