In our fast paced and changing world, we need symbols that are a reminder of the ongoing world of the spirit. -Laurel Burch


The number of moving stories about the giving, receiving and sharing of Laurel Burch art are a reflection not only of the woman herself, but of all the collectors who are drawn by her spirit as well as her designs. Many of them know and have been deeply touched by her life story. By the mid-1980’s, the former artist and jewelry designer was the CEO of a multi-million dollar business. Forbes ran a profile of her. Every Macy’s in the country had a signature Laurel Burch store. Her designs eventually made their way into Vogue and Bazaar. The Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco also named her “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Our aim is to continue this legacy by using Laurel's designs to develop and offer unique products that warm the heart while celebrating the connectedness we share with each other.

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Laurel Burch Studios is a San Francisco bay area based art licensing company with a focus on preserving the essence of Laurel Burch's original artworks and inspirational spirit. Run by Aarin Burch, Laurel's daughter, Laurel Burch Studios is taking the Laurel Burch™ brand into a lively new direction by collaborating with some of the best manufacturers to produce a wide range of new products for collectors and admirers to share and cherish across North America.

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The Laurel Burch design archive is home to endless images, paintings and vintage jewelry designs. The vast array of Laurel's work is a great attraction to her many collectors and fans worldwide. Laurel Burch Studios controls all artwork licensing within the North American territory. We offer a wide range of Laurel's iconic themes such as Mythical Horses, Fantastic Felines and Florals. We carefully select brand partners to produce high- quality products bearing Laurel's copyrighted art and trademarks.



The world of Laurel Burch continues to bring excitement to fans, collectors, and kindred spirits around the world. Our wish is for you to find joy and warmth in our collections as we keep Laurel's spirit alive. We invite you to share our products as gifts as a way of connecting through Laurel's love.

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