In my Heart of Womankind collection, myths emerge, beings come to life, kindred spirits connect … I see Balinese daughters offering morning prayers at the river's edge. African mothers chanting their babies into sleep with ancient lullabies. With happy hearts, sisters in Guatemala weave ribbons and flowers into their braids for a village celebration, while at the same moment elderly women in India sing soulful songs to mourn the loss of loved ones. On a rainy day in China two little girls walk to school, giggling under the same umbrella, while two old friends in Sausalito have tea, speak of their quest for wisdom, and notice new strands of silver in their hair. All such rituals express the diverse yet similar spirit among the women of the world.

painting collection

 “For as long as I can remember, I have wished I could speak in every language known to humanity, thereby being able to connect with people of all kinds, all over the world, and they with me. I try to do this with my art, thinking of it as a universal language. The quality of art to communicate in this way has been an enormous inspiration to me from the very beginning." 

"I love expressive images reborn in fantasy and ancient times. Wrought new to life by heart and alchemy. Conjuring images of adornment that embody the spirit of all living things. I find myself so often wanting to convey something about the balance and the harmony and the rhythm of life. When I create these patterns, I feel I'm experiencing a ritual just by the repeated moves of my brush. I create pieces for womankind, for mankind, for the tribe, for the primeval horse bearing his human friends, even the Shaman, relating his spirit, inside and out, symbolizing and celebrating the joyous affinity between man and animals." 

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