Vintage Jewelry Collection

At the very beginning of Laurel Burch’s career, she began to make jewelry for herself using old coins, bones, and beads. Wearing them gave her a sense of belonging to an exotic world of her own making. People on the street began to ask her where she got them, and soon enough her creations became bridges to friendships and patrons.

The Laurel Burch Vintage Jewelry Collection is a celebration of Laurel’s early pieces created in the 70's. Each unique pair breathes life into the earliest of her fantastic creatures, and deep explorations of other cultures such as Egypt and China.

“The most incredible door opened to my life’s work when I realized that, through my art, I could communicate with cultures all over the world, and that within the images, I could express shared values, and a love for life that could link us all together, at the heart!” – Laurel Burch