Mikayla Sleeping Mask


Adorned with Laurel’s captivating Mikayla artwork, this silky soft sleeping mask puts a new spin on “beauty sleep.” Gently padded, with smooth satin on both side and a comfy elastic band, you’ll find it’s much easier to fall asleep on a bright train, bus, or plane when you can pull this cozy mask over your eyes to block out the world and drift off.

Item Number: 463402
Material: Satin

Laurel's Ocean Songs Theme
Mikayla, the sea goddess whose hair is an ocean filled with exotic creatures and fantasy flowers amongst golden-crested waves, belongs to Laurel’s Ocean Songs theme, a collection of paintings and designs that reflect her love of the world’s boundless oceans and seas. Realized in deep indigo and her soulful Mediterranean blues merged with magentas, purples and teals, Mikayla is inspired by a painting that Laurel originally created for California’s renowned Sausalito Art Festival, which then became the 11-foot "Mikayla" mural that for years graced Sausalito’s Casa Madrona Hotel.