Tis The Season to Shine: A Jewelry Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of holiday jewelry? Laurel Burch Studios offers an array of unique and intricate designs. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings, we have it all! Mix and match between collections or go with holiday jewelry all from one set. Whatever direction you pursue, it won’t be wrong. Driven by quality and a passion for beautiful artistry, the jewelry you’ll find here is perfect for any occasion, especially the holidays.

Follow this holiday jewelry gift guide to ensure everyone on your list gets just the right ornaments that will adorn any look.

Eclectic Jewelry for the Holidays

If the person to whom you’re gifting holiday jewelry enjoys a quirky, eclectic aesthetic, the best thing to do is lean into their preferences. Fun and funky earrings and necklaces with animal characters make for some of the best holiday jewelry purchases. Take the Siamese Cat Earrings, for example. These bold orange cloisonné drop earrings are nothing short of adorable.

Feeling like you want to give the gift of the sun’s warm embrace? The Sol Pendant Necklace could do the trick. This handcrafted pendant necklace has an oxidized silver sun over a disc of amber cloisonné enamel that exudes artistic ingenuity. Then again, there’s always a cute little Poodle Necklace. Just like poodles themselves, this colorful and vibrant holiday jewelry piece is sure to bring a bundle of joy into your life.

Vintage Holiday Jewelry

Travel back in time with authentic vintage pieces from Laurel Burch. All items in our vintage jewelry collection arrive in original packaging, have never been worn or pre-owned, and come with a letter of authenticity. Vintage jewelry brings a certain charm that other pieces simply can’t replicate. There is a special mix of beauty combined with days of yore that you get with these types of pieces. Classic vintage earrings like our Waterlily Vintage Hoops may bring you back to a special time in your life. Primal Monkey studs showcase playful design as they celebrate the union between humans and animals.

Sterling Silver Jewelry for All Occasions

In addition to its exceptional quality, the wonderful thing about sterling silver jewelry is that it’s easy to pair with just about anything. That means that regardless of the exact motif, you’ll be able to easily mix a necklace with a pair of earrings and/or a bracelet. Our Kindred Spirits Square Necklace, for example, is perfectly beautiful on its own.  If, however, you wanted to put together a whole cohesive look, you could bring in our Iconic Yin Heart Earrings. Although they have different designs, the common thread of oxidized sterling silver will make them an easy pairing. 

Gifts That Spark Magic and Joy

There are plenty of options for holiday jewelry from which to choose, but the main thing to remember is how it makes you feel. As long as you love the jewelry (and we’re confident you will), you’ll be golden. accessories, and gifts exude the essence of art, myth, and magic. Share the season's magic with us at Laurel Burch Studios. Happy Holidays!


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