10 Rules For Wearing Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry has the transformative power to turn any outfit from drab to fab. When worn correctly, these bold pieces can elevate a basic ensemble into something worthy of the red carpet. But how does one master the art of wearing these show-stopping adornments? Here are the top 10 rules to keep in mind.

Balance is Key

Just like any art form, wearing statement jewelry requires a sense of balance. If your necklace is bold and elaborate, consider toning down your earrings. Similarly, if your earrings are the star of the show, a simpler necklace might be in order. Remember, statement pieces are meant to stand out, so avoid overwhelming the senses by wearing too many at once.

Let the Jewelry Do the Talking

When you are wearing a piece of jewelry that is bold and attention-grabbing, it is best to keep your outfit simple. This does not mean you should only wear plain clothes; rather, avoid patterns or prints that compete with your statement piece. Solid colors and classic cuts are your best friends here. At Laurel Burch Studios, we offer a variety of statement pieces designed to elevate any outfit, allowing you to achieve that perfect balance between bold and classic.

Consider the Occasion

As fabulous as statement jewelry can be, it might not be appropriate for every occasion. A giant, sparkling necklace might be perfect for an evening gala but can look out of place at a business meeting. Always consider where you are going and the vibe of the event.

Mind Your Neckline

Your necklace should complement your outfit's neckline. A choker can look stunning with a strapless dress, while longer necklaces can work well with V-necks. Take a moment to see how your jewelry interacts with your outfit to ensure they are harmonious. Additionally, feel free to consult with Laurel Burch Studios to find a necklace that perfectly complements your ensemble's neckline. Have you seen our Dragonfly Necklace or Eternity Necklace?

Mix and Match with Caution

It has a modern world, and mixing gold with silver is no longer a fashion faux pas. However, when doing so, ensure there is a method to the madness. Maybe wear mixed metal bangles or rings. The key is to make it look intentional and not haphazard. Last but not least, remember to have fun. Check out our Rainbow Cat Necklace!

Don't Forget Your Personality

Your jewelry should be an extension of your personality. Are you bold and audacious? Go for something big and sparkly. Prefer understated elegance? Choose pieces that, while still making a statement, are more on the minimalist side.

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of having a myriad of cheap, low-quality statement pieces, invest in a few high-quality items. These will not only last longer but also tend to look more sophisticated. Quality pieces can elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Keep Hair and Makeup in Mind

Your overall look is not just about your jewelry and outfit; it is also about your hair and makeup. A sleek bun or ponytail can highlight statement earrings, while a bold lip can pair wonderfully with a minimalist necklace. Always consider your overall look from top to toe.

Confidence is Your Best Accessory

No matter how perfectly you follow all other rules, if you do not wear your statement jewelry with confidence, it will not have the same impact. Believe in your choice, stand tall, and let the world see your shine.

Store Them Properly

Statement pieces, due to their size and intricacy, can easily get damaged. Make sure you store them in a way that they retain their shape and luster. A little care can go a long way in ensuring they remain show-stoppers for years.

All in all, statement jewelry is a powerful tool in the arsenal of fashion. With the right pieces and by following these 10 rules, you can elevate any outfit and ensure you always leave a lasting impression. Remember, fashion should be fun, so do not be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.

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