Flutter-byes and Dragonflies

As we journey and fly through life's passages, we begin as one thing and change into many.  I never imagined dragonflies to come in Laurel's vivid colors...until one afternoon a dragonfly perched itself in my patio garden for the taste of flowers. 

By Laurel Burch:

Ancient symbols for transformation and renewal, butterflies and dragonflies are seen in the art of many cultures.

My own personal metamorphosis has given me an even greater awe of these truly extraordinary little beings, and inspired me to create simply hundreds of versions of them. They are, to me, amazing reminders of life’s ability to renew itself, and the ability we have to transform.

Though they are frequently amongst my paintings of flowers and animals, this collection, comprised of the individual paintings of these mystical creatures I have created throughout my thirty-year career as an artist, brings them center stage. Few people know that two of the first designs I ever took to China to create in Cloisonne' were a butterfly, and dragonfly. I have watched wings unfold and take flight, ever since.