Fifty years of Laurel Burch: celebrate her world of color

2024 is a Really Special Laurel Burch Year!

 In honor of Laurel’s five decades of creativity and inspiring vision, we're thrilled to announce our 50 YEARS OF LAUREL year-long celebration filled with special events and and a limited-edition collection of unique and beautiful designs including an art-filled 2024 Laurel Burch Wall Calendar – our first in over 10 years (see below). Throughout 2024, a percentage of this special collection's sales will support good causes near and dear to her heart.

We Invite You to Celebrate 50 Years of Laurel: 1974 – 2024
Laurel begin handcrafting her one-of-a-kind jewelry in San Franciscos’s Haigh-Ashbury in the late 1960s, selling her designs on the streets and in local galleries. By 1974, her uniquely colorful cloisonné earrings earned her a huge following and launched her "Laurel Burch brand." By the mid-1980s, this former flower child and self-taught painter was an internationally known artist and CEO of a multi-million dollar design business. Forbes magazine ran a profile of her. Every Macy’s store in the country had a signature Laurel Burch boutique. Laurel’s designs eventually made their way into Vogue and Bazaar. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce named her “Entrepreneur of the Year.” A truly unique American artist, entrepreneur, and designer known for her colorful and whimsical artwork, jewelry and fashion accessories, Laurel overcame many challenges in her life, including a rare bone disease that almost killed her as a child. Our aim is to continue Laurel's inspiring legacy by sharing her vivid, vibrant art to warm hearts and celebrate the connectedness we all share.

... YOU are Part of Her Legacy.
The number of moving stories about the giving, receiving and sharing of Laurel Burch designs are a reflection not only of the woman herself, but of all the collectors who are drawn by her spirit as well as her artistry. YOUR stories are part of her legacy and we'll be inviting you throughout 2024 to share your Laurel Burch memories, photos, and stories.  

2024 Laurel Burch Wall Calendars - Make it a Bright New Year
Now for the first time in over ten years, 12 original Laurel Burch paintings are richly reproduced as beautiful full-color prints that can be easily framed. Her artwork of whimsical cats, dogs, horses, flowers, and radiant women is all here in this beautiful wall calendar – along with personal stories and quotes from Laurel.  

Order yours and more to share (a great holiday gift!) – supply is limited and won't last long.

“The vivid artworks in this 2024 Limited Edition Laurel Burch Wall Calendar celebrate my mother Laurel’s creativity and inspiring vision. She started with very little and built a global community of kindred spirits through her jewelry, paintings, and designs expressing joy and connectedness. Laurel passed from this world on September 13, 2007 at age 61, yet the magic of her art, life, and legacy live on." – Aarin Burch

Please Check Back Often ...
We'll announce special events and commemorative "50 Years of Laurel Burch" designs and new items offered by us directly and from our amazing partners.