Treasure Tuesday Giveaway

There’s nothing more inspiring than to witness the happiness in people when they share their Laurel Burch excitement and collections with us. We’re always so moved by your stories, private messages, and social media comments and wanted to share the inspiration everyone.

We’ve been waiting for the perfect time to launch this month-long event, so thank you to all the fans who have waited patiently.

Each Tuesday for the month of April, Laurel Burch Studios will be hosting a giveaway called Treasure Tuesday where you’ll have the opportunity to win a mug, a pair of socks, a poster, a bag, or one other brilliant treasure from our collection.

This is the first ever social media event where fans from everywhere can share their Laurel Burch collections with each other. In so doing, participants enter the chance to receive a surprise Laurel Burch collectible! We’ll give away a different collectible item each week and you’ll have 4 chances to win.

You can participate each week with a different Laurel Burch treasure on Tuesday, April 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th. Whether you just purchased the latest season of Laurel Burch tote bags, or have owned an original pair of Laurel Burch earrings from the early years, you’re invited to participate in our Treasure Tuesday Giveaway. It’s easy and most of you already do it.

Here’s how it works . . .

Treasure Tuesday For Facebook Users:

Each Tuesday, look for our Treasure Tuesday prompt on our Laurel Burch Studios Facebook page.

Laurel Burch Treasure Tuesday

We’ll ask you to post a picture of your Laurel Burch treasure by commenting on the Treasure Tuesday post. We'll have a different prompt each week. All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, 11:59pm. We’ll gather all Facebook (and Instagram) participants and enter those usernames in a raffle. On Thursday morning, we’ll publish a video of the raffle and announce the prize and winner.

Laurel Burch Studios Facebook Page
[Be sure you’re posting on Laurel Burch Studios.]

Treasure Tuesday for Instagram Users:

If you’re an Instagram user, look for and follow the Treasure Tuesday prompt. Post an image of your Laurel Burch treasure and use the hashtag #LBTreasureTuesdays.

We’ll enter your Instagram username into the raffle if you post by Tuesday, 11:59pm.

Announcing the Winner:

Each Thursday morning in the month of April, we’ll publish a video of the raffle and announce the prize and winner.

We think this giveaway will be very fun, but what we're most excited about is this opportunity to foster unity and connectedness which Laurel Burch so passionately created through her art, and designs. We’re also very inspired by people who represent the Laurel Burch brand and to see the many people who continue to be inspired by her designs through Laurel Burch Studios. Let's continue to share the love and feel the magic, together.

Terms, Conditions and the BIG Fine Print:

Winners are chosen randomly each week through a raffle App and have the option to accept or forgo the giveaway. We will send you an email packet with easy instructions on how to redeem your free Laurel Burch collectible. You’ll receive a link and a unique offer code that you’ll enter into the Laurel Burch Studios checkout page. Once you enter your address and code, we’ll send you your treasure!

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