Woman Spirit

Woman Spirit

As we prepared for our celebration of International Women's Day, we uncovered a treasure trove of archives that drew us to the inspiration and love that gave rise to Laurel's set of works honoring women all around the world!

The prose and poetry Laurel put behind each art theme is the breath of life and meaning behind the treasures we curate in our Laurel Burch Studios collections today. Throughout different periods of her career, she introduced various names for her art themes. And today we honor all Womankind through the symbols of love, hope, and inspiration found in one of her most brilliant themes: Womankind.

It is in honor of sisters, mothers, daughters, elders, and friends that these paintings and designs emerged from my heart to paper.
They are my “love songs” to all the women of the world, and have become some of the most beloved and treasured images of my career. Both for me, personally, and for my women collectors.
My inspiration came from the desire to create gifts and treasures that could be passed and shared from one woman to another, to honor and celebrate very personal sentiments, values, and ideas.
A wide diversity of ways to express the soul and spirit of Womankind is expressed here, and within this collection I have often been compelled to accompany the art with writings that give voice to thoughts like, “Stand tall, stand strong. We are here for each other.” 
This collection continues to grow, as I have many more songs to sing to the women of the world.                                  
~Laurel Burch

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