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Fantastic Felines

Fantastic Felines is arguably Laurel's most renown collection of paintings. A natural inclination fans may have about Laurel is that she owned and cared for many cats, but in fact, Laurel never owned a cat--at least not until the later part of her career. Nevertheless, her love for cats and their whimsical personalities inspired an entire collection of endless variations which fans still seek today. Cats have a magical ability to bring people together, and we're so lucky to be able to share Laurel's words to continue bringing people together. By Laurel Burch: These are my favorite messengers of good will! Wit, whimsy and wisdom sparkle behind teal eyes, purple tails, and brilliant rainbow bodies. The first subject I chose to create a...

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Dog Tails

Laurel’s love of animals is the pillar of inspiration for her artwork. Socially we are more aware and inclusive of animals today as companions and family as they bring joy, protection, and comfort to our hearts.  A recent episode of “America’s Got Talent” had a family act that presented the joy and heart of love between man and animals, in this case poodles!  A young couple with their 4-year old daughter danced and did stunts with about 6-8 poodles of varying ages (puppy to older), all part of one family.  The act included choreographed dancing and stunts, was non-stop fun, and all (dogs and family) appeared to be so happy and joyful and in tune with each other - much like we...

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Ocean Songs

Fans often share their Laurel Burch stories with us. They tell us their personal experiences with the artist, and also the stories behind how they came to own a Laurel Burch treasure. Through this series, we hope to return the magic and deepen your love for Laurel's artwork by sharing the stories behind her themes, using her words.  Here you'll read Laurel's intentions behind Ocean Songs, a theme that appears in some of our most popular items: journals, mugs and bags. We hope you enjoy reading about "Mikayla," the sea goddess.  By Laurel Burch: In love with oceans and seas , their boundless mystery intrigues and inspired me endlessly. The designs and paintings for this collection are soulful Mediterranean blues and deep indigos,...

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