Sister Sun, Brother Moon

In welcoming the upcoming Solar Eclipse, we are sharing another beloved theme description written by Laurel Burch. May this story find its way to your heart and give you inspiration today.

By Laurel Burch 

The myths and magic of the celestial worlds are captured here in imagery of suns, moons, and showers of shimmering stars.

Painted in my signature color palette, the warm sensuous colors of a tropical sunset to heavenly silvers and blues, the mystical beings depicted have human eyes and growing spirits, created to shine upon all beings on the earth below them.

For thirty years, I have been compelled to draw and paint suns and moons, inspired by the thought that they are shared by every human being and are an ever-present part of the continuum of life.

Abundant and varied, as over the years, my style and colors have evolved, this theme continues to grow, capturing both my own imagination, and the continuing love of the collectors, as well.

When gathered from each of my classic story--paintings, and integrated alongside the focal sun-moon paintings, the configuration together make a fabulous, timeless tapestry.

At the same time, the striking individual icons alone provide central focal pieces of innumerable design applications in a theme that is always out of this world.  

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