Ocean Songs

Fans often share their Laurel Burch stories with us. They tell us their personal experiences with the artist, and also the stories behind how they came to own a Laurel Burch treasure. Through this series, we hope to return the magic and deepen your love for Laurel's artwork by sharing the stories behind her themes, using her words. 

Here you'll read Laurel's intentions behind Ocean Songs, a theme that appears in some of our most popular items: journalsmugs and bags. We hope you enjoy reading about "Mikayla," the sea goddess. 

Laurel Burch Studios - Mikayla - Ocean Songs

By Laurel Burch:

In love with oceans and seas , their boundless mystery intrigues and inspired me endlessly. The designs and paintings for this collection are soulful Mediterranean blues and deep indigos, merged with magentas, purples and teals, in a way that can only be found in the mystic world of my imagination.

The collection is graced with mythopoetic beings like "Mikayla", the sea goddess whose hair becomes an ocean filled with exotic creatures like the Sea Stallions, Fantasy Fish, and Sea Flowers, amongst golden crested waves.

Born of this main theme are the sub-collections of "Mikayla" (mermaids), and Fantasy Fish, both small stand alone concepts. 

The primary painting for this theme was originally created for the renown Sausalito Art Festival, and followed by an 11-foot mural of "Mikayla" for The Casa Madrona Hotel, also in Sausalito. 

~Laurel Burch


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