Mythical Horses


Those marvelous Mythical & Magical horses that Laurel so loved, she brought to canvas from her excursions to Elk Canyon (in the Black Hills of the Grand Canyon in Arizona) where she sat upon a mountain top watching entranced by the scene below, of running wild mustangs through the canyon floor. This vision so inspired her and in turn, by Laurel's hand, she had brought the exquisite magic of these grand animals with love to all of us! 

By Laurel Burch:

These majestic animals have always and most supremely, represented strength and grace, to me. Nothing resonates so profoundly in my soul like the pulsating sounds of hooves, pounding a rhythm on the earth. Dust flying, manes and tails soaring in the wind.

This vision, along with the poignant, soul based rapport I feel with the spirit of the horse, compels me to draw and paint them endlessly. The style and colors within this theme vary dramatically, from rustic earth tones, to vibrant, brilliant rainbow hues. 


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