Dog Tails

Laurel’s love of animals is the pillar of inspiration for her artwork. Socially we are more aware and inclusive of animals today as companions and family as they bring joy, protection, and comfort to our hearts. 

A recent episode of “America’s Got Talent” had a family act that presented the joy and heart of love between man and animals, in this case poodles!  A young couple with their 4-year old daughter danced and did stunts with about 6-8 poodles of varying ages (puppy to older), all part of one family.  The act included choreographed dancing and stunts, was non-stop fun, and all (dogs and family) appeared to be so happy and joyful and in tune with each other - much like we all need to be. The few minutes were amazing for everyone, the judges and audience all stood up at the end, it was truly a mind-blowing and heart-warming event.

Below is Laurel’s description of her Dog Tales artworks and inspiration.  It would be such fun to hear all of Laurel’s fans with their ‘Dog Tales of Today’; please send yours in right away. (Please post your story on the Laurel Burch Facebook Page.) 

By Laurel Burch:

"Inspired by my passion for dogs, this vast array of mythical canines comes to life in a bright spectrum of colors and patterns. Sitting, sleeping, leaping, frolicking, dancing dogs have captured the fancy of dog lovers everywhere.

The principal piece in this collection, a wildly colorful painting of dogs of all kinds, in every color of the rainbow, was a 20-foot long mural to add magic and spirit for the Oakland SPCA facility in California.

The distinctive feature of the Dog Tale collection is the variation of all the delightful characters, grouped together playfully. But each individual dog is strong and magnetic on its own and may be used as a wonderful focal point for a wide variation of applications.

Accompanied by borders, backgrounds, and embellishments all its own, the collection is sure to capture the hearts of dog lovers, everywhere. By special request of the collectors, yes! There are more dogs to come!"

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